Monday, February 22, 2010

Satonda Lake Island Tourism

Satonda also presents a very beautiful scenery, combined with the silence of nature. Therefore it is not surprising that this island is often visited by foreign tourists. Usually they use a boat tour and visit Satonda the way from Bali or Lombok to Komodo Island. Besides enjoying the beauty of nature, usually the tourists are always taking the time to swim in the lake. While good for the tourists who dive, can see the beauty of coral reefs near the island. In this area there are also fruit trees stone. Here there is a belief that says if there are tourists who come to Satonda, and then he hung a stone into a tree while expecting something so desire will be granted. Prince Charles of the British Empire was one who did it when he visited this place in the 1990s.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Drini Beach Tourism

Drini beach, which lies in Ngestirejo village, Tanjungsari district, is located about 1 km away in the east of Sepanjang Beach. The special character of this beach is the coral island with Drini trees on it. As it is said, poisonous snakes avoid this Drini tree wood.