Friday, December 24, 2010

Beautiful Kelimutu Lake

Beautiful Kelimutu Lake, Amazing Panorama In Asian.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Indonesia’s Enormous Tourism Potential

Indonesia is the one of the largest countries in the world and is the one with the most number of islands. It is extremely rich in diversity of culture, heritage, and places of interest.

From the far west of Sabang to the far east in Merauke, the country has a variety of culture that is as vast as the color spectrum in a rainbow. Although the majority of the population is Javanese, there are cultures which are simply very different from those of the Javanese as evident in the dialects, architecture, places of interest, and the social etiquettes, to name a few of the aspects. Certainly those are what tourists usually look for and generally are willing to pay for the unique experiences.

Unfortunately, the international community appears to mostly only know the island of the gods, Bali. Interestingly, there are even some who are aware of Bali but are not quite aware that Bali is actually an island which is part of Indonesia. Hence not surprisingly, the most number of international arrivals in Indonesia are only in both Bali and the capital of the nation itself, Jakarta, far from the optimum.

Despite the vast offerings by Indonesia’s tourism sector which can potentially generate tens of billions of dollars of foreign exchange reserves for the nation, the true potential remains hidden, even to a large segment of the local population.

A fair amount of effort thus needs to be channeled towards raising Indonesia’s brand, profile in the international arena. A step taken by Indonesia’s investment board in their advertising in Bloomberg channel is encouraging. Something similar to that of “Malaysia – truly Asia” campaign by Indonesia is further needed.

Something innovative and on a serious scale similar to efforts undertaken by the Japan Foundation in promoting the Japanese culture, including even some TV series, can be an interesting move forward.

And practically, a lot more information on Indonesia’s places of interests, activities need to be available in Indonesian consulates and embassies situated all around the world, with different themes showcased at different times or seasons, in as much interesting details as possible.

On the ground itself, a bit of efforts to make things more organized for the tourists are also needed. The last thing tourists want to get is for the locals to chaotically approach them. Something organized like simple elephant shows in Thailand can be a good example. Tourists generally are more than glad to give tips anyway as long as they are satisfied.

If something as simple as that can generate foreign exchange for Thailand, it looks like Indonesia can exceed that without too much difficulty. As the numbers speak for themselves, Indonesia actually has more tourist spots than Thailand, hands down. If only they are developed to full potential, such as the coral reefs in the east, an exceptionally beautiful Lake Toba in the west (Sumatra), and various potential eco-tourism spots, there is actually hardly any SE Asian country that stands much of a chance to compare against such a long list of virtually all very exotic, exciting places to visit. And all of these can be achieved. After all, Bali itself a few decades ago was hardly developed, yet it managed to become a premier tourist destination.

As the efforts start to bear fruit, the international perception of Indonesia will shift from some place on earth regularly portrayed negatively to something interesting worth looking at, and visiting, thus bringing great prosperity to the nation as a whole, all the way down to the local citizen level.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bull Racing In Sumenep

Bull Racing: The Unique Competition In Sumenep

The Competition Using Strong Bull. Bull racing game that is very interesting and lively. As an attractive tourist entertainment.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Imbulun Sangir Waterfall Tourism Beautiful

Imbulun Sangir Waterfall: Photo by Adji K

West Sumatra's natural beauty has long had regional cachet, even dating back to the early 1900s during the Dutch Colonial era.

It abounds with mountains, valleys, rivers, springs, caves and forests. One regency in the province, Solok Selatan, or South Solok, has them all. Recently we traveled through Solok Selatan for five days to see for ourselves how the natural beauty was standing up.

Our rental car set off on smooth asphalt roads from the Minangkabau International Airport leaving West Sumatra's capital Padang behind us. Just past the Bung Hatta Nature Park, we began the first real adventure: twisting and turning roads with plenty of rocky roadbed. But we had no excuse to worry: The lush vegetation and clean, fast-running streams caught our attention from both sides of the car.

The rain caught up with us when we made a stop at Kayo Aro Lubuk Selasih restaurant for lunch. It was still a long way to Solok Selatan. Another stop we made was at Di Atas Lake before reaching the border between Solok Selatan and Solok. Before dusk we arrived at Wisma Umi Kalsum lodging in Muaro Labuh where we stayed the night. We fell on a happy coincidence for we got the chance to enjoy rarely seen traditional performances like Rahab and Saluang Panjang after dinner, staged for some well-heeled guests staying at the modest inn.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tourism Beautiful Komodo Island

Beautiful beaches and stunning, with crystal clear water and blue symbolizes the natural charm of the most beautiful. Comfortable and fresh garden if I could become world's natural attractions.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Keraton Jogja Beautiful
Keraton Jogja Palace, Beautiful tourism and beautiful palace.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beautiful Prambanan Temple

Beautiful Prambanan Temple Tourism. Prambanan Temple The beautiful and majestic, very good for the school holidays children who want to learn about the history of the grandest sights Temple in Central Java after Borobudur temple.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Borobudur - The Seven Wonder Of The World
Highly magnificent Borobudur temple, one of the seven wonders of the world. amazing and wonderful. This temple became an attractive tourism objects and many of the elements of education that can be dug. scenery and great temples, a beautiful combination to an object of this great tourism.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Natural Scenery Tourism Beautiful


Natural Scenery Beautiful And Natural in Bali, providing matchless charms, with a spread of green rice fields and a unique staircase method steps. Very unusual for us to enjoy with a glad heart and can make our souls happy.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bali Temple Is Tourism Beautiful


Beautiful places in Bali, providing a casual and relaxing effect for tourists,
could see the beauty of nature and buildings in Bali are beautiful and full of natural charm.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Adventure Diving in West Papua, Indonesia

Irian Jaya Photo Gallery

Island Dreams' Ken Knezick has just returned from a dive cruise to Irian Jaya, also known as West Papua. Sailing with Kararu Dive Voyages, this report focuses on the diving to be found in an intriguing region of West Papua known as the Raja Ampat Islands. Astride the equator, this remote group sits just west of the Indonesia-claimed portion of the immense island of New Guinea, our planet's second largest island. In a nod to the history of the region, and the separatist ambitions of some of the local inhabitants, the Indonesian government recently allowed Irian Jaya to be renamed West Papua. This area, and the neighboring country of Papua New Guinea, harbor some of the most remote and untamed territory left on earth. Equally in their natural habitat are the indigenous people here, many of whom still pursue an aboriginal existence in the primeval forest as practiced for many generations. As a result, much of the jungle, and the extensive fringing reef system, are still to be found in a relatively pure and unspoiled condition.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cibodas Waterfall, Hidden Paradise Tourism


This is one of the amazing waterfall in Indonesia. There’s a lot a beautiful scenery around the waterfall. So..just don’t forget to come to this amazing waterfall when you visit Indonesia.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Satonda Lake Island Tourism

Satonda also presents a very beautiful scenery, combined with the silence of nature. Therefore it is not surprising that this island is often visited by foreign tourists. Usually they use a boat tour and visit Satonda the way from Bali or Lombok to Komodo Island. Besides enjoying the beauty of nature, usually the tourists are always taking the time to swim in the lake. While good for the tourists who dive, can see the beauty of coral reefs near the island. In this area there are also fruit trees stone. Here there is a belief that says if there are tourists who come to Satonda, and then he hung a stone into a tree while expecting something so desire will be granted. Prince Charles of the British Empire was one who did it when he visited this place in the 1990s.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Drini Beach Tourism

Drini beach, which lies in Ngestirejo village, Tanjungsari district, is located about 1 km away in the east of Sepanjang Beach. The special character of this beach is the coral island with Drini trees on it. As it is said, poisonous snakes avoid this Drini tree wood.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tanah Lot Tourism Object

Tanah Lot Tourism Object tourism brings a great blessing for residents on the island of Bali, because the sights and lodging are all beautiful and charming the hearts of tourists from overseas and domestically.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Amazing Bunaken Sea Turtle


Bunaken Sea contains unique marine nature amazing and beautiful. Sightseeing and natural ideal for overseas tourists and domestic.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Beautiful Telaga Warna In Dieng

Telaga Warna In Dieng area, providing exotic shades and dazzling beauty. berhawa area cool and cold, suitable for domestic and tourist attractions overseas tourists.